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Hi, this is me :)

Let's see. I'm a mother to two tow-headed wee girls, and a dog named Haggis. 
I'm married to a Scottish fellow: he's very calm, I'm very excitable, there's a good balance going on. He immigrated to Canada over 20 yrs ago, but still sounds like Outlander <3
We live downtown Burlington, Ontario, Canada, where we can walk to the lake, shops, pubs, the kids' school,'s idyllic. I was born and raised here, and hope never to leave. 
My original shop on Etsy was, and I actively started selling at in January of 2015. I switched to Felt Melons, because at the time, it was a little tough applying to local craft shows under the banner "Vaginament." 😂 

How did it all come about?

In December of 2012, I set off for a solo childless (and husbandless!) weekend up north. I was armed to the teeth with neutral coloured pieces of plasticky craft shop felt: I was going to make my kids' preschool teachers a few woodland animal ornaments for their Christmas gifts. I've always had a creative bent, so I thought nothing of whipping up a few animal ornaments, regardless of the fact I'd never sewn anything by hand. 

Well. Turns out I'm not so much an animal ornament maker. 

Felt penis ornaments happened (I was watching a Liam Neeson movie!). 

Then Vaginament ornaments happened (I have a friend whom I didn't want to feel left out!). 

Then breast cancer hit friends and loved ones, and Felt Melons happened.

Then trademarking and copyright-registering happened, and loads of media exposure and suddenly, I'm not a stay at home mom anymore. I created and landed my own dream job xo

BTW: The teachers loved them! Um, as have subsequent elementary school teachers. Maybe not your every day teacher gift, but when it's me doing the gifting, a little kitsch is expected :)

So, since December of 2013, it seems I am a creator of vaginas and melons made of felt, the nice special order wooly blend soft felt. Not the scratchy plasticky kind. 

And why "Vaginament"? Can you think of a more perfectly matriarchal name? I can't, I love it ♀

I never would have thought I'd end up making such things, but it's been a few years now of successfully bringing Vaginamental joy to the world :)

I am the CEO, the CFO, head of Shipping and Receiving, the only sewer, assembler,'s just me :)

Cheers, Suz.

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